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Western States Roofing Systems, Inc. professional staff is trained and knows the newest and latest roofing technologies.

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Western States Roofing Systems, Inc. believes in keeping up to date with new technology. New technology can add great benefits to your roof as well as keep future costs down to meet your budget.

Roof Trend Watch - A New Performance Roof Coating
During the past decade there has been a renewed focus on roof coatings and the benefits for building owners and contractors. Driven by building owner demands for improved roof life, lower operating costs and decreased building downtime for roof maintenance...

Today's Options For Flat Roofs
The roofing industry is always changing. Learn about the different roof options for flat roofs such as, single ply, modified, built up, pvc, and others...

Cool Roofing Deflects Additional Costs
This material reduces the heat ab- orbed and can cut the roof temperature by 50 - 70 degrees. But recently this alternative has caught the eye of many homeowners as well, and is now available for residential housing...