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Tile - Clay - Concrete

Tile roofs endure some of nature’s toughest elements, yet despite the harshest weather concrete and clay can with stand wind, hail, rain, earthquakes and even fires. This resilience enables manufacturers to offer some of the longest
warranties in the roofing industry.

The color palette for concrete and clay roof tile includes hundreds of selections with options ranging from a single color tile to a matrix of up to five colors. Styles range from flat to barrel shaped tile, and either will change the appearance of a roof dramatically. There is also a wide selection of carefully blended hues that range from subtle tints to vibrant colors, and wood and slate textures that simulate nature.

It is no wonder that for quality roofs of unsurpassed beauty, versatility and safety, noting compares to tile. In addition to tile’s unique beauty, most concrete and clay tile manufacturers typically offer a minimum 50-year limited warranty on their products. For consumers, this warranty covers their roofing material for a long as they own their homes.

The Chart below provides you with the various manufacturers and tile, clay, and concrete systems provided by Western States Roofing Systems.

Clay Tile
Types of Clay tile offered by Western States Roofing Systems:
- S Tile
- Two Piece
- Shake Tile
- Slate Tile
Concrete Tile
Concrete Tile used by Western States Roofing Systems:
- S-Tile
- Shake tile
- Slate Tile
Ludowici Roof Tile
Types of Ludowici Roofing Tile:
- Barrel
- Interlocking
- Flat Shingle
- Ludo Slate & Ludo Shake
- Textures & Forms
Western States Roofing Systems approved Manufacturers:
- US Clay Tile
- MCA Clay Tile
- Redlands Clay Tile
- Deleo
- Gladding McBean
- Montoro Clay Tile

Conctrete Tile
_ Eagle
- Monier
- West Tile
- Hanson
- Vande Hey