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Is it any wonder why almost 80% of homes in North America use asphalt
shingles as the roofing material of choice. The prevalence of asphalt shingles
has created a vast assortment of fitting and fixtures designed to work with them.
Items such as a multitude of flashing configurations, edge products, and almost
every skylight manufactured has an appropriate base configuration for a
weatherproof connection with asphalt shingles. All the material that you need
for a proper installation, such as the shingles, felt, and flashings are readily

The primary attributes of shingles are:
     - reasonably priced (economical)
     - require very little maintenance
     - versatile
     - provide excellent protection on steep sloped roofs
     - weather and sunlight resistant

Western States Roofing Systems offers shingle systems that fit your needs
     - 20 year
     - 30 year
     - 40 year
     - 50 year

There are two different types of asphalt shingle base material construction - composition and fiberglass. Composition shingles use a base material termed organic felt, which is a blend of paper and wood fibers. Fiberglass, on the other hand, uses a base that is comprised of a fiberglass mat. In both cases, once the base material is produced it is soaked in an asphalt compound. In numbers sold, fiberglass leads the market. They are less expensive, weigh less because they are thinner, have a longer wear life and have a better fire rating that the composition base shingles. Both types of asphalt shingles are manufactured with embedded mineral granules.

Where just a few years ago asphalt shingles were only available in simple tab configurations in blacks, grays and browns, the manufacturers have expanded their product lines to include a vast array of colors, profiles and with the use of laminate coatings have created an assortment of eye pleasing textures.