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Metal Roofing Systems

Nothing performs like an Western States Roofing Systems roof. At Western States Roofing, we offer the largest range of metal roofing solutions in the industry with all the profiles, finishes, textures, architectural details and structural options you want. Whether you need a standing seam metal roof or metal roofing shingles, we back our metal roofing products with:
     - Long lasting paint warranties
     - 20-year weather tightness warranties
     - Over 40 standard metal roof options, such as style, color, and type of metal
     - Architectural and design support
     - Specification and engineering guidance

Why chose a metal roof for your residential home?
     - A Metal Roof saves energy
     - You can install a Metal Roof over your existing roof
     - It look good
     - Are cost efficient
     - Environmentally Friendly

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