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Western States Roofing Systems - Residential Roofing

Thank you for your interest and welcome to Western States Residential Roof section. Our residential customers are very important to us and our mission is to provide the up most service from your first call or free estimate.

Family Homes / Multi-Unit Residential
Replacing your roof, whether it is a single family home or a multi-unit residential complex, is one of the most critical financial decisions you may make regarding your home. Therefore, choosing the right professional roofing contractor can make the difference in both the process and the result.

While price is always a factor, it should not be the deciding factor. In the roofing industry, there is always a trade-off between quality and price. Therefore, it is very important to know what standards you are buying, the workmanship provided, types of roofing materials will be used, as well as the assurance of knowing the roofing service offered extends after the work is completed.

Western States Roofing Systems, Inc. specializes all types of roof replacement and maintenance. Our professional team of roofing installers is always committed to providing you excellent service and high quality products.

- New Construction
- Re-Roofing
- Repair
- Maintenance
- 24 Hour Emergency Service
- Waterproofing

Roof Systems provided by Western States Roofing Systems:

- Shingles
- Title
- Clay
- Concrete
- Slate
- Metal

Whether you are the owner of a single family home or the property manager of a homeowner’s association for a multi-unit residential complex, Western States Roofing will work with you from start to finish as well as long after the completed job. Remember to ask about our full service warranty and maintenance programs when your researching about your roof.