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“Go Green”

When choosing your next roofing contractor, make sure there Energy Star Compliant.

“The Energy Star Program protects the environment by providing cost-effective energy efficiency solutions to business, organizations, and individuals.”

Western States Roofing Systems, Inc. believes in “Green” and continuously helps keep the roofing industry environmentally friendly. With today’s new roofing technology, being “Green” allows many benefits not only for the environment, but also for the consumer.

In Today’s roofing industry, there are many eco-friendly sustainable roofing solutions. In today’s roofing industry, it’s not only about saving the environment, its about installing a “green” roof that will save you money.

New roofing technologies offer new roofing systems that can be up to eight times lighter than traditional materials such as asphalt and clay or wood. Not only are these new roofs lighter, they are also more weather-resistant and durable than traditional roofs. New roof technologies allow roofs to withstand extreme climate conditions such as high winds, earthquakes, and fires. All-in-all this means less maintenance (time and money) for you in the long run.

Western States Roofing Systems is Energy Star compliant and look forward to giving you a new eco-friendly “Green” roof.

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The ENERGY STAR program has dramatically increased the use of energy-efficient products and practices and is well positioned to promote more widespread efficiency
improvements. The market place by providing credible, objective information



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