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Repair Roofing Services

Whether your commercial property owner, bank, shopping complex, restaurant, Western States Roofing Systems, Inc. understands you would like to find the best roof repair solution. We understand you do not want to have to keep calling back the contractor every time the roof leaks.

Roof repair needs to be done right the first time. Western States Roofing Systems, Inc goes the extra mile to make sure you have a completely sealed and problem free roof to protect your property. We give you a guarantee so you do not end up spending hundreds of dollars on work that never fixed the problem. With over 40 years of experience, we are certain we can find a solution for your roof repair that meets your budget.

The advantages of a repair and coating project:
     - There are no lateral pathways for water to travel
     - There is minimal noise and disruption to the business or residence
     - Fast - less work than a tear off and reroof
     - Less dust and debris in the building
     - Critical in plants and processing facilities
     - The quality of the coatings and mastics has greatly improved

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