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Western States Roofing Systems, Inc. works with retailers, chain restaurants, commercial building owners and property managers have the responsibility to ensure their roofs are properly maintained to protect customers, merchandise and property. A qualified roofer that will respond quickly, report repairs and maintain your valuable roof warranty is an absolute necessity. We have dedicated ourselves to one trade. Western States Roof Systems, Inc. specializes in the repair, maintenance and replacement of all types of roof systems.

In order to help minimize costs down the road, ask about a maintenance program and don’t forget to download you Maintenance Program Manual here.

Maintenance Program Questions & Answers:

When would I require Roof Maintenance assistance on my roof?
If you are a building owner, property manager, facility manager, etc. and have a roof which has not been routinely maintained or has not been reviewed for conditions within the last year.

What is involved in a routine Roof Maintenance Program?
The most basic maintenance program involves having a qualified person visually examine the roof for condition and identify items which require remedial work. This work should be conducted, as a minimum, once a year. The items identified during the examination are then given to a roofing contractor so the necessary repairs can be accomplished. More complicated maintenance programs involve periodic nondestructive moisture surveys, developing specifications for the repair work required to fix deficient conditions and quality control monitoring of the repair work.

What is the benefit of a routine Roof Maintenance Program?
Routine maintenance programs provide many benefits to the Owner. First, having a qualified individual examine the roof insures you that the roof was thoroughly examined for condition thus identifying problems that may not be identified by less competent individuals. Secondly, routine maintenance examinations on roofs usually identify problems at their onset before the problems have a chance to become more serious in nature. This includes routine maintenance type items and items which may be attributed to large problems (i.e. material failures, etc.) Thirdly, routine maintenance examinations over a period of years help determine the rate at which the roof is aging. This helps to determine the remaining serviceable life of the roof and therefore provides the Owner with advanced notification that the roof is nearing the end of its serviceability.