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Roof Coatings Title #24

Like painting a vehicle, the correct surface preparation is the most critical part in roof coatings. Western States Roofing Systems uses proper preparation on your roof because we understand this step can be a very costly mistake. With the proper planning for your roof coating project, your roof will last longer and stay within your budget.

Western States Roofing are the Roof Coatings Experts

Roof Coating system planning:
     - Types of surface
     - Proper surface preparation
     - Thickness of the coatings
     - Ultraviolet (UV) protection and requirements
     - Different topcoat choices and thickness
     - Application techniques

Can Your Roof Be Coated?

Western States Roofing Systems specializes in a several coating/restoration applications. If you have an existing roof systems, such as single ply, asphalt built up, modified bitumen, polyurethane foam, or even metal roofs, your roof can be coated at a fraction of the price of a complete roof replacement.

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